The CONFIDANT Group has requested that you complete a Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.

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Welcome to the Predictive Index Survey. The PI Survey has been classified as a psychological test by the HPCSA. By commencing your survey, you provide consent as to your participation. The adjectives that you select will not be viewed. Your results will only be viewed by PI Practitioners or PI Users who have access to the secure PI database. Once you have read the directions/instructions SIMPLY COMPLETE the PI Survey as it APPEARS. Respond to it spontaneously, instinctively. The response required is your natural reaction to the stimuli (words) presented. •Carefully read the instructions on the survey. •Use your own judgement with the instructions and words presented. •Take all the time you need. •Respond spontaneously, instinctively. •There are no right or wrong words. •Skip or ignore any words you don't understand or don’t relate to. That’s OK! •Please DO NOT ask for any explanations and please DO NOT use a DICTIONARY. It is not a test , so simply ignore words which are not meaningful to you. It is YOUR response that matters! •Complete the PI Survey when you have quiet time (free from interruptions, distractions and/or urgent time pressures). •You may tick as many or as few words as you wish - it is a free choice survey! All results and information obtained will be dealt with in confidence. The PI Survey complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) In completing the PI Survey the delegate in doing so, consents to the results of his/her PI Survey to be used in all people process decisions and actions within the organisation. The CONFIDANT Group